Post Office

The first Post Office was in a private home just south of the town. In 1874, it was transferred to Tiddy and Kitto’s store. In 1878, a Post Office and residence were built at the corner Robert and Elizabeth streets by Messrs Hague and Lake for $1,070. A new post office, with private boxes, was built in 1913-14 and opened by the deputy post master general, Mr E W Bramble, on 13 May 1914. The first official Post Mistress was Miss Scythe, now Mrs Lewis. The first messenger, Mr William Lamshed, became one of the expert telegraphists in the chief office. Post Master, Mr Gatwick, gained distinction for the scientific interest he has took in the agriculture of the district, having discovered a fertiliser which in point of the cost and utility compares more than favourably with other use. The earlier post office and residence were demolished in the 1960s and replaced by the automated Telephone Exchange.

The Old and New photos of The Post Office