Church of England

St John The Evangelist

From 1873, church services were held weekly, near Ynoo at the Government Well, in the homes and huts of the settlers. The foundation stone was laid in December, 1874. A porch and vestry were added in 1901. The altar was dedicated in 1920 in memory of members killed in the first World War, as an offering for peace. The church was upgraded and rebuilt in 1976, when the unique stained-glass windows were added. It was that nothing but Church of England Ministry, Ordinances, and Liturgies could satisfy the spiritual wants of Church of England people.

The people of Maitland were congratulated by the Reverend C. G. Taplin for their enterprise in undertaking to build a church. He remarked that the example might be copied with advantage by communities in other rural districts.

Mr. FRANCE, of Moonta, heartily congratulated the residents upon the occasion, and assured them that they had the earnest sympathy of himself as a Warden. The warmest thanks were due to Mr. Rogers and those co-operating with him for the commendable energy they were displaying in the erection of the Church.